Vegetarian Carrot Tops and Carrot Couscous

  • Couscous with carrot tops.
    This is a vegetarian couscous  women from the rural areas make , meat being kept for special occasions.It is usually quite hot and very tasty.
    what you need.
    500g couscous
    Two bunches of young organic carrots with their tops.
    1 large onion and 4spring onions.
    For the sauce
    6tablespoons olive oil, or more
    6cloves of garlick
    1or2 teaspoons hot pepper powder
    1teaspoon Harissa or more
    2 teaspoon ground coriander
    2tablsp  concentrated tomato paste
     A little water. saltand pepper to taste
    Wash and chop the carrots into smallish pieces.
    Carefully chop the carrot tops which have been well washed as finely as possible .  Chop the onions.  Sprinkle a small glass of warm water over the couscous and mix it in , using circular movements with your hands. Place the couscous in the top of a steamer lined with muslin with the chopped onions and carrot tops and steam for 1/2 an hour. Meanwhile make a thick tomato sauce with the other ingredients.  Then all you have to do is mix the hot sauce into the couscous and serve piping hot.


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