Mouled Day assida zgougou puddings

Mouled Day assida zgougou puddings



Vegetarian Carrot Tops and Carrot Couscous

  • Couscous with carrot tops.
    This is a vegetarian couscous  women from the rural areas make , meat being kept for special occasions.It is usually quite hot and very tasty.
    what you need.
    500g couscous
    Two bunches of young organic carrots with their tops.
    1 large onion and 4spring onions.
    For the sauce
    6tablespoons olive oil, or more
    6cloves of garlick
    1or2 teaspoons hot pepper powder
    1teaspoon Harissa or more
    2 teaspoon ground coriander
    2tablsp  concentrated tomato paste
     A little water. saltand pepper to taste
    Wash and chop the carrots into smallish pieces.
    Carefully chop the carrot tops which have been well washed as finely as possible .  Chop the onions.  Sprinkle a small glass of warm water over the couscous and mix it in , using circular movements with your hands. Place the couscous in the top of a steamer lined with muslin with the chopped onions and carrot tops and steam for 1/2 an hour. Meanwhile make a thick tomato sauce with the other ingredients.  Then all you have to do is mix the hot sauce into the couscous and serve piping hot.



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Aunt Houria s carrot salad

What you need

1kilo organic carrots

1tps ground caraway

1tps Harissa paste 

2tbls wine vinegar


 and pepper 


Cook the carrots in boiling water till they are very soft. Ten drain off the water and mash them down. Add te seasoning and mix in with a spoon te ouch olive oil to make the salad smooth. decorate with capers 



A really tasty cooked carrot salad



This salad is yummy


My summer salad